3 compelling reasons why local search marketing strategies are crucial for local businesses.

You may not realize it, but local search might be the most important component in your marketing mix. What’s local search? Simple: it’s any online search where results are determined by location. If your business involves face-to-face interaction, customers are looking for you using local search—not just with their desktop computers, but also with smartphones, tablets, or their car’s navigation system.

Here are three compelling reasons why local search marketing strategies are vital for local businesses.

  1. Local searchers are ready to do business
    People performing local searches aren’t just casual browsers—they are one step away from becoming customers. When consumers use mobile devices to do local search, 88% call or go to the business within 24 hours (Google, 2013). In other words, local search doesn’t just generate leads who might buy somewhere down the line—local search is for people who are ready to do business right away.
  2. Consumers who search local buy local.
    Consumers who conduct local searches online make local purchases offline. Their ability to find your company, products, and services depends on your visibility in local search results. Buyers look online for reviews and additional product information before making a purchasing decision, yet still to prefer to purchase offline. While 73% of consumers say they have shopped in store and then purchased online, an even greater number—88%—said they have shopped online and purchased in a store (Accenture, 2013).
  3. Local is mobile, and mobile means action.
    More than 86 million Americans use their mobile devices—smart phones , tablets, and in-car or handheld GPS systems—to search for local business information. Purchase decisions are often made on the fly, while the consumer is en route to the point of sale. Mobile device users want information that can be acted upon in the real world in real time: a whopping 82% of people who do research on mobile devices complete purchases in brick-and-mortar locations, and 83% say they want to want to buy within 24 hours (Google, 2013).

To position your business to take advantage of the opportunities in local search, it’s important to create a local search marketing plan. Download our whitepaper “The New Secret to Success: Why Local Search Is the Key to Making Your Business Boom to discover the building blocks for a successful local search marketing strategy.” Or, find out how PageLaunch™ can provide full-service local search marketing services by contacting a PageLaunch representative.