We live in a fast paced world full of unprecedented access.  An online business review positive or negative can be the difference between landing a new customer and losing one to the competition.  Online reviews are one of the single most important factors affecting local online reputation.

A staggering 84% of Americans say that consumer reviews influence their buying decisions.  Having positive reviews is vital to drawing customers in and converting them into buyers.  The last thing you want is great visibility with poor customer reviews.  Business owners with sub-par reviews can have a more prominent online presence, yet lose out on a customer due to negative feedback from their customers.

Do Your Research With Reviews

Do you know what is being said about you or your business online? If not find out. In a few short minutes you can find out just what your customers think about your business.  Qualifying subscribers can use our unique Review Monitoring tool in the dashboard to quickly view reviews from all the major sources online at once.  Others can find out by doing a few searches on the major search engines (Google+, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, etc…)

Respond, Don’t Wait!

Yes that’s right, respond as soon as you can to ALL reviews you find online. That means it’s time to face the Good and the Bad. Fix the issues and praise the good reviews. Doing so will create a community of people who trust your work.  Negative reviews that go unaddressed can come back to haunt you. Typically if you have more good than bad you are in good shape, but go the extra mile to address ALL Feedback!

Boast, You Deserve It!

Be proud of the positive reviews you receive! Sharing your reviews will greatly improve your online reputation, and help you show up in local search results. Have past customers post them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Website, Blog, etc… You get the idea, if you have them tell the world how great you are. Showing customers how great you are gives you authority over your vertical.

Soliciting Reviews

There are a few techniques that can be very useful when gathering reviews.  For example incentivizing a customer with a future offer, or save money today if you leave us a review. This rewards a customer for leaving valuable insight about their experience.